Plan. Analyze. Design. Develop. Test. Implement.

Analogy & Associates is highly experienced in systems engineering applications across a wide spectrum of system development and acquisition programs.

We specialize in sourcing clients with certified engineering professionals capable of managing project engagements from conception to deployment. Our team members can adapt to all client environments and preferred project management methodologies. We encourage you to visit our Program and Project Management link for additional information on A & A capabilities related to this service offering. Please take a moment to review a subset of our capabilities and Knowledge Areas related to Systems Engineering.

Systems Engineering Capabilities and Knowledge Areas include:


From budding start-ups to government agencies, A & A is excited to offer its analysis and architecture design services to any and all clients. We thrive on designing and delivering system architectures that synchronize the relationship shared by hardware, software, processes and end users.


As part of its system engineering suite of services, A & A always recommends the execution of the requirements analysis phase. This phase embodies all of the tasks associated with identifying the needs and conditions of the project’s stakeholders to ensure that actionable, measurable and traceable goals are set at the very onset of an endeavor. It promotes the identification and resolution of conflicts very early in a client’s system engineering project.


A & A’s staff is prepared to engineer a clear strategy for the design, development and integration of both Commercial off-the- shelf (COTS) and Government off-the-shelf (GOTS) applications and systems. We offer assistance with configuration and validation of systems for alignment with business goals and processes. Our experts work to ensure that these service offerings meet current industry standards to reduce time-to-market and streamline future integration and/or implementation efforts.


Any major systems engineering endeavor requires testing and evaluation as a continuous function. We gladly provide this service to our clients as a way to reduce risk during acquisition and development, and offer metrics to evaluate operational effectiveness and suitability. We take every customer request through the phases of T&E requirements gathering, pre-test analysis of evaluation objectives, actual testing and data management, post-test analysis and evaluation and delivery to client.

A & A also offers integrated validation and verification services (IV&V) to its clients. Many clients in many industries require the need to manage the quality of a service or system. As an independent party, our team will verify whether your product or service complies with the standards and regulations associated with your line of business. We also facilitate the review and validation of a product or service to determine if stakeholder or external client acceptance is warranted.


Our team is very adept in the art of producing Concepts of Operations for applications and systems which met the specific needs of all identified users. Our documents aid in providing a narrative for the client and providing the framework for the recommended processes required for implementation. 


A & A is highly skilled in the management of system deployment for our customers. This particular offering consists of several interrelated processes that may include release activities, installation/activation of software, adaptation, updates, version tracking and retirement of legacy software components. This service can be applied to virtually any client seeking assistance with the deployment or “rollout” of a new application or system.


As part of our consulting services, we assist clients with forming the vision that guides the implementation of information technology within their respective organizations. The output of this service is your Technology Strategy. It serves as your overall plan consisting of the objectives, principles and tactics related to the use of technology within your business or organization. The Technology Strategy document is designed to give instructions and mandates on how existing or future information technology resources will be aligned with corporate strategy and business processes.


For potential clients or start-ups with minimal resources allocated for technology and data management, we are pleased to offer general information technology services. Customers with multi-million dollar concepts will likely need the ability and technological infrastructure to eventually bring the concept to market. Analogy & Associates provides assistance with selection and installation of hardware, software, electronics and communication devices so you are able to store, manipulate and transmit your data.


A & A is capable of assessing client infrastructure to determine which tools, devices and resources are utilizing what applications and how often. This assessment allows us to recommend virtualization in areas where immediate efficiencies and savings can be realized by departing from the traditional physical server environment. This offering provides clients the ability to scale and provision resources accordingly, without comprising the level of service your customers are used to receiving.


Risk management can often times play second fiddle to revenue generating processes for some clients. We offer this important service as a barometer for the effect of uncertainty on goals or objectives for a project. Our team will identify, assess and prioritize the risk(s), and recommend a plan of action to minimize, monitor or control the probability of those possible risks occurring. This service is highly beneficial to every client in every market.


Leveraging the experience of our engineers, clients may also chose to engage A & A’s experts to conduct technical engineering reviews for its products and services. Our engineers are knowledgeable facilitators and reviewers utilizing accepted industry practices to conduct the technical review process. Our engineers will collaborate with team members to identify and remove or mitigate, where appropriate, issues as early as possible in the life cycle of the product or process to ensure these issues are not propagated, therefore reducing the overall amount of rework and ensuring a higher level of achieving specifications/needs in scope, on-time and within budget. 


As global citizens, we should all consider how our actions affect the environment and respective Eco-systems. A & A welcomes the opportunity to help its clients explore and implement sustainable engineering practices that do not compromise the natural environment or the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We also offer and practice engineering reliability as an input to sustainability. Our goal is to design and engineer systems with the lowest possible probability of failure, thus reducing the need to replace components and expend resources to maintain your desired process or product.